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Non Surgical Facial Treatments

We offer a great range of non surgical facial treatments using Restylane®. Whether your need is to revitalise skin, smooth wrinkles or enhance your facial contours or lips – Restylane® has the product and we have the expertise to enhance your looks and make you look good and feel great. It provides instant and long-lasting aesthetic results.

Small changes to your face and skin impact on how you look - and how you feel. Restylane is one of the safest ways to enhance your looks. With over 10 million treatments worldwide and extensive clinical documentation, Restylane is scientifically proven to give instant results and have a long-lasting effect as a natural facial treatment. The results of a treatment with Restylane are long-lasting, without being permanent, giving you the freedom of choice to maintain the effect. A treatment with Restylane will generally last 6-12 months.

Treatments are tailored to your needs and the results can be seen instantly. Restylane is a natural beauty product that does not affect facial expression or movement.

Our treatments can revitalise many different areas of the body and include; forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, lips and neck to name a few.

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